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The Important Stuff

When I decided to leave my camper Tuesday night because of a tornado warning, I left quickly.  The weather station was indicating a 10 minute window before the storm.  Happily an actual tornado did not touch down but the next morning at home sitting in my comfortable den with the sun shining outside I began to consider the items I took with me when I dashed.  I was reminded of a theoretical exercise I participated in years ago.  Here’s the exercise:

If you had just minutes to evacuate your home due to fire, storm, etc. what would you bring with you?

Tuesday night I didn’t think too much about what I was grabbing but in retrospect what I took represented what was most important to me.  Riley, the littlebrowndog, was first in the car.  Then my reading glasses, the thumb drive carrying my novel (I would face a tornado head-on before I lost those chapters again!), my laptop with a few chapters from my novel, my thyroid medication, my purse and wallet and that was it.  If I had been home instead of at my camper I’m sure I would have grabbed my will and any insurance papers too.

My plan was to spend the whole week at camp so I had all  of my casual wardrobe with me and while I’ve never been a clothes horse, I didn’t throw any clothes into a bag, I left all my toiletries, and didn’t grab a picture or a book.  I do remember driving away and thinking if the camper goes, well, it’s all insured.

The things I did walk away with are not a surprise to me. It makes perfect sense.  It’s interesting what a few hectic minutes can tell us about ourselves.

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